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Today, one of the many challenges faced by the Ummah is to maintain the real Islamic discourse. The times we live in are full of fitna and Muslim youth are the prime target. Multi-dimensional attempts are made to preempt or thwart the process of Islamic awakening started in the early years of 20th century by Muslim revivalists. The adversaries tried a lot to thwart this process by military means but failed. The strategies have changed. Now the weapons used to thwart the Islamic awakening are not B-52 bombers or F16 only. Today the most potent weapon used by our adversaries is “CONFUSION” and “IMMORALITY.” Confusion is being created with respect to the Prophetic Model and the symbols of Islam. While at the same time, Muslim youth are being lured into immoral practices. All these attempts have negatively worked against the interests of Ummah and threaten to arrest the noble process of Islamic awakening.  more


Umer Sultan
From 2014 – 2018: On 24th December 2016, during the ‘all state members gathering’, Umer Sultan was re-elected as IJT Presedent for the next two years.As per Jamiat’s constitution , Read More
Wahid Bashir
From 2012 – 2014 :   Wahid Bashir was nominated as the head of IJT on July 29 2012 during the ‘all state members gathering’ and he remained so until Read More
Mujahid Shabir Ahmad Falahi
From 2010 – 2012 :   On Oct 14 2010, Mufti Mujahid Shabir Ahmad Falahi, a young scholar, was elected as the next head of IJT. He remained so until Read More
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