Member of IIFSO

IJT is permanent member of International Islamic Federation Students’ Organizations (IIFSO).


‘PAYAM E Talaba’, popular monthly in-house Urdu journal carries articles on Islamic ethics, politics, education, Muslim world and students affairs.


Weekly, monthly, annual congregations of invitational, instructional and organizational nature form one of the basic activities from unit level to central level.


Libraries from grass roots to central level are established Idara Mutbu’at-e-Talaba Publication wing of IJT has so far published more than a dozen books on different subjects relevant to education and students.

Social Media

i.  To disseminate its message to netizens across the world,the Social Media Team of IJT operates         Facebook page(s) and Twitter handle.
ii. Organizes Tarbiah Camps, Tajveed and Arabic Learning Classes
iii. Daroos-e-Quran and Droos-e-Hadith
iv. IJT believes that Islam is a complete code of life. It provides divine guidance in all aspects of life including politics.

Al-Kousar Book Centre

Located in Lal Chowk, the heart of capital city Srinagar, Al-Kousar Book Centre is visited by hundreds of students every week to buy islamic literature on discounted rates.

Social Work

IJT takes active part in the field of social work; Helps people in need especially students to carry on their education.