Message From Nazim-e-A’ala


Today, one of the many challenges faced by the Ummah is to maintain the real Islamic discourse. The times we live in are full of fitna and Muslim youth are the prime target. Multi-dimensional attempts are made to preempt or thwart the process of Islamic awakening started in the early years of 20th century by Muslim revivalists. The adversaries tried a lot to thwart this process by military means but failed. The strategies have changed. Now the weapons used to thwart the Islamic awakening are not B-52 bombers or F16 only. Today the most potent weapon used by our adversaries is “CONFUSION” and “IMMORALITY.” Confusion is being created with respect to the Prophetic Model and the symbols of Islam. While at the same time, Muslim youth are being lured into immoral practices. All these attempts have negatively worked against the interests of Ummah and threaten to arrest the noble process of Islamic awakening.

It is in this domain that Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) is trying to serve Ummah. IJT is a student-oriented organization with a defined goal and objectives pursued within a set ambit right from its inception. In Jammu and Kashmir, IJT was established in 1977. It’s ultimate aim is to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by means of character building of youth on the guidelines revealed by Him and by following into the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). At the same time, IJT strives to impart the true and the universal message of Islam to students. All along, IJT follows a well designed system of imparting education based on knowledge, reasoning, and fair conduct. This system embodies character building of students and youth in the best possible manner. The target is to create “Conscious Muslim”.
From its beginning, IJT has attracted highly educated and talented youth including scientists, doctors, engineers, writers and scholars besides a huge number of students.
Forty years down the lane, IJT is the largest and the oldest student’s organization of Jammu and Kashmir. Thousands of students have associated themselves and benefited from this organization by imbibing the true spirit and knowledge of Islam. The process continues with even more dynamism. Our alumni are present in almost all the significant world capitals where they besides working in significant positions continue to promote Islamic awakening in its true spirit.
In its fortieth year, IJT calls upon Muslim youths to channelize their energies positively for the revival of the lost glory of Muslim Ummah. This process involves striving for excellence in the fields of education and scholarship and engaging in understanding the true message of the Quran and the vigorous study of the biography of our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him). Without understanding the essence and the true spirit of Quran and Seerah, Muslim youths remain susceptible to the negativities of extremism and despair. We call upon Muslim youths to enhance positive faculties which shall act as firewall against negativities. Stick to the true path of Islam as enlightened by our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him).
Do not lose heart nor fall into despair! You shall triumph if you are believers (3:139)